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Casson-Mark, Corp.

Casson-Mark, Corp.

Casson-Mark, Corp.Casson-Mark, Corp.Casson-Mark, Corp.

Focus On Safety

Covid-19 Update

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We all know it is a strange and confusing time for everyone. Although we hope things will return to normal soon, it could be a while.  Dallas County has issued a shelter in your place of residence order effective at 11:59 PM, March 23, 2020. As an essential business working in communications some activity must continue for C-Mark.  Essential work assignments will be schedule and transmitted directly to those employees affected. We are asking that all other employees work remotely until further notice. Employees will work from home for up to 40 hours per week. Time sheets must be turned in daily to timesheets@cmarkcorp.com.  If you do not submit time sheets, it will be assumed that vacation is being utilized. In the absence of vacation, unpaid time-off will be noted.  Each employee will be contacted directly to facilitate the proper storage of company vehicles and equipment. Training programs, when identified will be transmitted directly to the employees affected. Please complete the assigned training and submit your certificates to mandy.sanford@cmarkcorp.com. During this time we ask that you follow the community guidelines for social distancing.  Should you need to be tested please do so. 

  • Parking Lot E at the  American Airlines Center, which is located at 2500 Victory Boulevard in Dallas.
  • The Ellis Davis Field House, which is at 9191 South Polk Street in Dallas.

Blood Donors Needed

There is currently a blood shortage.  Blood donation centers are taking steps to ensure the safety of donors and recipients.  Please feel free to make a donation as you see fit. 


Online training

You have received two emails notifying you of your username and password for Safety Source.  During your time at home we ask that you complete as much of the available training as possible.  Please email us if you need any assistance.