Safety - Training - Health

C-Mark is committed to exceeding all applicable Industry, Federal and State safety and health laws and regulations. Our crews participate in various daily and weekly Safety Meetings and training sessions. Through our pro-active program we have successfully prevented on the job injuries year after year.  In addition to industry specific test equipment, C-Mark takes pride in keeping our employees up to date with the most current courses in the industry.  Additionally, C-Mark offers a comprehensive health care package which includes incentives for staying healthy to help our employees to always stay in good health!

Training Courses

The Mark!

2016 - 2017

Accident Free Zone

At C-Mark we take pride in maintaining a safe and accident free workplace! We are currently 2 years accident free and going. 

Out in the cold

How to avoid injuries and illnesses when temperatures plummet. 

Safety Talk Topics

Keep it fresh! Find a new safety topic here for your safety meeting. 

Safety Videos

Check out this great video about falls in construction.